Customer service is our
number one priority.



For more than 25 years, professional painting company owner and founder Michael Clementi has brought his expertise and keen attention to detail to both residential and commercial projects. Using a wide range of coatings, applications and finishes, Chroma Colors, Inc. provides the highest quality in professional painting services. Beginning with a thorough proposal outlining preparation and methods of application, the entire painting process is clearly laid out for clients ahead of time. Our goal is for projects to go as smoothly as possible – and for the final outcome to meet the expectations of each and every client.



A Lasting Impression

A beautiful paint job that lasts for many years and holds up to the elements (including children!) requires top quality coatings, experienced and skilled application, but more than anything is entirely dependent on the right surface preparation.

Surface prep can include:
– Filling holes in the walls
– Use of the appropriate primer
– Correct caulk application
– Masking off to ensure crisp and straight lines
– Sanding previously painted wood to insure proper adhesion
– Making sure that surfaces being painted are clean

These are just a few examples of the necessary prep that that we do with expertise and skill on every job.  Varying surfaces require
unique forms of prep, and it’s essential to provide the necessary foundation for coatings to properly adhere to a new or existing
substrate. When inadequately prepared, new coatings can easily scratch off, crack, flake, appear blotchy or inconsistent, and fail within a year. To achieve the highest quality, we take the time to ensure that every aspect of the job is done
thoroughly and effectively, from prep to paint application.

Other Services & Specialties

Drywall Repair
Fixing water damage, holes,




Pressure washing
Cleaning exterior surfaces, driveways, sidewalks, decks

Decorative Finishes
Creative techniques and experience give our clients the opportunity to find the colors and textures that they want

Restore faded or grayed shingled houses, and decks to their original luster

Difficult to reach areas
We work with boom lifts and other methods to reach the most difficult areas




Cabinet painting & refinishing
Refinish your existing cabinetry, or paint new cabinetry on-site or in shop


A Natural Approach

The health of our clients, our employees, and the environment is very important to us. We use only low-VOC and zero-VOC paints for all of our projects, unless clients specifically request otherwise. We also offer non-toxic paints that are safe for use in children’s rooms, and make a great choice for people who are highly sensitive to chemicals and odors. 

If you have any concerns about environmental considerations, please ask us for more information. 






“As a designer, I choose Michael Clementi of Chroma Colors to work with me on client projects. He is collaborative, always understands what I am after, has great vision that goes beyond paint, and his workers are reliable, detail-oriented and hard working. He gets the bigger picture. I always feel confident calling Michael to work with me. And clients love the results, too.”



Chroma Colors provided a very personal and professional approach to my project. They understood what I was looking for and were able to steer me towards the choices that were right for me. They did excellent work, and were very professional in their execution and follow through. I would highly recommend Chroma Colors to anyone looking to paint their home.



It was indeed a pleasure to work with Michael Clementi. He is a true professional. The painting was done in a timely manner with excellent results. Having an old Victorian home, Michael’s suggestions for paint schemes were extremely helpful. He saved us both time and money. His painters were courteous, neat and everything was spotless when they completed the job. I would recommend Chroma Colors to all!!