Larkin St., San Franciscso




The restoration of this turn-of-the-century home included refurbishing all original millwork, hand painting harlequin patterns and a fresh application of low-VOC paint to the exterior and interior of the residence.




Douglass St., San Francisco

This old Victorian home has been updated with a modern kitchen, and all surfaces – including cabinets –
were hand painted using zero-VOC, non-toxic paint.

Cumberland St., San Francisco

For this newly constructed home, we installed Frei Reglet reveals on all trim and painted the interior
using low-VOC paint. Metal stairs were also painted and fixed with floating wood-stained treads.

Rock Rd., Kentfield

This mid-century modern home has an open floor plan for an expansive, airy feel.
We used low-VOC paint to bring a fresh and polished look to both the interior and exterior of the home.
Neutral tones complement the sleek open space, while a punch of color brings warmth to the kitchen.  

Big Rock Rd., St. Helena

Interior and exterior floor-to-ceiling wood finishes bring a warm, textured feel
to this modern wine country abode.

Townsend St., San Francisco

The interior and exterior of this commercial building was freshly painted for a clean, modern appearance.
The exterior’s industrial slate gray is accented with bold pops of orange for a personalized, updated feel.

Green St., San Francisco

The exterior paint job for this classic San Francisco Victorian was executed with careful attention to detail.
We applied gold leaf to exterior trim work and a faux wood finish to the front door for a refined, one-off look.

Woodland Ave., Kentfield

To maintain the traditional feel of this Dutch Colonial-style home, we applied faux finishes to
the interior space, including silver leaf with antique glaze in the dining room. Using low-VOC paint, we were
meticulous in the restoration of both the interior and exterior of this residence.

Washington St., San Francisco

A newly renovated San Francisco home.